Reliance Pharmacy, Inc
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    Working towards a common goal
    Adding a personal touch
Service dedicated to your personal needs
Reliance Pharmacy is a pharmacy provider who specializes in servicing long-term care facilities such as long term care facilities and nursing homes.  We are independently owned and cater to our customer's specific needs.

With our numerous years of experience, Reliance Pharmacy understands the hardships that you face each day:  Doctors prescribing drugs that are non-preferred; Prior authorization requests that are denied; Forgetting to reorder a routine medication refill; Drugs not arriving to the facility on time; Not being able to get a hold of the pharmacy.

Reliance Pharmacy is dedicated to providing all of your long-term care pharmacy needs.  We strive to leverage the latest technology and resources available to optimize your experience with us by processing your orders quickly and accurately.  Rain or shine, our duty is to ensure that your order arrives on your doorstep, at the right place, at the right time